Battery Operated Door Locks

Yes, the title is correct. You are probably asking yourself are these types of locks secure, what happens if the battery goes dead? These are all good concerns, but consider this; if they can make cars that are completely battery operated, door locks should be easy and they are. In this article I will discuss door locks which have battery operated electronics and use a touch pad.

Every electronic lock must have mechanical components and this is very much the case in electronic door locks. Below are some of the features for the mechanical portion:


  • ANSI/BHMA grade 1or 2 certified lock
  • Weather resistant
  • Key override or at least some type of external secure override
  • ADA compliant door levers door lock supplier


The lock itself is usually controlled with a touch pad with numbers that look like the touch pad on a telephone. This is where the user will enter their code to operate the mechanical portion of the lock. Once the user code is entered and verified as a good code a solenoid or small motor is activated that moves a locking latch out of the way. The user can now turn the knob or push the lever down to operate the lock.

There is usually one “Master User” that adds or deletes the other normal users. There can be from 5-50 users depending on the manufacturer. Other features can include the following:


  • One time use code (used for service people)
  • Lockout Mode (can lockout a particular person or user code)
  • Passage Mode (allows passage from both the inside and outside)
  • 4-15 digit user code
  • Backlit keypad
  • Audible feedback when pushing a number on the keypad


There is a visual and audible warning when the batteries are getting low; batteries are standard 9 volt or AA type. If the user ignores these warnings the batteries will eventually die, when that happens a key override is usually available. The key override is built into the mechanical portion of the lock and it looks like any mechanical door lock.


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