Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Becoming a wine collector is a hobby that costs quite a bit of money, especially if you become such an enthusiast that you have hundreds of bottles in your home at once. Not only do you have to pay for the wine but you also have to pay for some sort of storage for the wine in your collection. Wine storage options include an individual wine chiller, a cooler, a refrigerator, a thermoelectric cooler or a dual cooler. A dual zone cooler can help you store both red and white wines at their required temperatures without affecting either type of the wine being stored. beer keg Koozie

The wine cooler is separated into two compartments by the control panel. Each of the two compartments has its own thermostat, allowing the owner to set the temperature for each individual compartment based on the wine being stored. A dual cooler is the perfect appliance for someone who hosts many dinner parties that feature wine with the food being served. It is always a classy move to pull out both a red and white wine from your dual zone cooler and offer a glass of either wine to a guest.

If you are interested in purchasing a dual zone cooler, you can spend anywhere from $300-$1,500 for one cooler, with the average money spent coming in right around d $800. The price depends on the how many bottles of wine the cooler can hold, the brand of the cooler, and the company from which you purchase the cooler. Should you be tight on space in your home, a twelve bottle dual wine cooler will be best for your home. A twelve-bottle wine cooler with dual zones can be placed on your kitchen counter, your dining room buffet server, a table in the living room or any other room in your home since it is so small.

When looking for a dual zone wine cooler, make sure you perform research into each cooler you are interested in before making a purchase. One feature to look for in a wine cooler is one that has a locking door. A cooler that has a locking door is perfect for wine enthusiasts who have kids living in the house with them. The locked cooler will keep your kids away from your wine collection, no matter their age, keeping them safe from the alcohol. Another feature to look for when purchasing a dual zone cooler is one that looks like a piece of furniture. There are wine coolers with dual zones that look like chests from a dining room set, adding to your furniture collection in your home. Then, on the other side of things, there are wine coolers with dual zones that look like refrigerators with glass doors. These wine coolers can hold close to 60 bottles on each side, can be locked, and will cost anywhere from $500-$1,000 per wine cooler. Dual coolers can be shipped to your location or you can pick them up at your convenience.



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